Technique as a basis

Painting to me is creating technically good figurative work. And that’s where my strength lies. The application of accurate drawing skills with anatomy/écorché, scales, proportion and colour and different kinds of perspectives – it’s what I like and what I’m good at. I owe this knowledge to my three-year academic training in Florence.

These techniques have their origins in the 13th century, starting with the old masters. Gradually, these concepts became more developed, with various highlights throughout Western art history, such as the Flemish Primitives, the Florentine rule of the Medici, the Dutch Golden Age and the French academies of the 19th century. And I like adding a touch of them into my artworks.

Painting as a craft

A sublime painting is the result of a painter’s talent and handmade materials. Painting with handmade paints adds optical and artistic value to a work. Being able to make ‘Flemish pure linen’ canvas and panel with natural materials yourself, as well as knowing and understanding how the materials react with each other, is quite an assit.

This way of working offers a painter additional artistic and technical options, in contrast to the use of modern tube paints. Tube paints are industrially made, which means that the characteristics and purity of the material are hardly visible.

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