Artefact from Bruges

ARTEFACT, How it started?

Artefact was created for the “muselet” of the champagne house Jean-Yves de Carlini (Verzenay, France) in the series Art a Fact. A total of eight drawings tell the life story of Artefact: Birth, The Development of the Entity, The Messy Scribbling Toddler, The Artistic Child, The Adult Artist, The Old Painter and The Final Journey of Artefact to Heaven… ‘ l’art de-vivre-l’art ’. These unique creations, limited in number, are valued greatly to any collector. Every drawing received a quote in the Lambert guide, an important reference for the collector market.

Every design was manufactured with a coloured metal and a plaque of gold. The last drawing of the life cycle dates back to 2020.

Besides the original designs of Artefact, I created a limited amount of water-colour paintings for a nursery. In the case that you are not a collector of muselets, you can ought to obtain the limited, original creations in the form of a bottle cap or champagne tasting glasses with the Artefact engraving.

All these items are available via the contact form on the website or in the store in Bruges.

ARTEFACT becomes a time traveller

Artefact goes on a trip through art history. He engages in a voyage of discovery alongside various ancient civilisations and cultures. He becomes a quiet witness for a number of historical events.

The original drawings can be bought via the contact form on the website. ( or in the store in Bruges (VVDP-ART, Ter Steeghere, Burg 15/5 Bruges)