Glass painting

Stained glass:
from applied art
to true work of art

Stained glass windows have been known for centuries as a functional object, which usually served to provide wall openings in churches with a religious narrative. This gave stained glass painting the corny reputation of an inferior applied art.

For some years now, more attention has been paid to stained glass windows and the technique of staining. Hopefully, this will bring it to the public’s attention, so that a stained glass window will be considered a noteworthy art object. And I am happy to contribute to that.

Realistic staining on glass, a lost art

Combining the 19th century drawing and painting techniques learned in Florence and the technical knowledge of stained glass, allows me to create a figuratively realistic stained glass window. Exactly as it peaked in the 19th century. Both an oil painting and a stained glass window are valuable additions to an interior.

After all, stained glass windows have an enormous visual potential. As a specialist in the art of stained glass painting, I can tell you all about the options for your private or professional use. And I would be pleased to do so.

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