• Marbella Art & Design Fair from November 2 – November 12 2023
  • Exhibition Artio Gallery ‘Interconnecting Lines’ from 14th-21st September 2023, New York City
  • Representation by Monat Gallery, Madrid, Spain
  • Representation by Artio Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Art Shopping, Carroussel du Louvre Paris, March 31 – April 2 2023, Artio Gallery
  • Small collection of paintings is housed in Kasteel Blauwhuis for an undetermined period – only accessible to the invitees of the events
    Kasteelwijk 3, B-8870 Izegem – Blauwhuis.com
  • Representation by MONAT GALLERY (Madrid, Spain) on ART3F Bruxelles from 25-27th of November, Brussels Expo, Heysel.

Past exhibitions

  • Release of the final Champagne capsule “Artefact – part 8”, in the series “Art A Fact”.
  • Open door weekend Champagne capsule “Artefact – part 7”, in the series “Art A Fact”.
  • Open door weekend Champagne capsule “Artefact – part 6”, in the series “Art A Fact”, on October 19, 20 and 21.
  • Open door weekend Champagne capsule “Artefact – part 5”, in the series “Art A Fact”, October 2017.
  • Group Exhibition entitled, “Match” in cooperation with the art circle Art-X Tienen, CC “The Crossbow”, Tienen, 24 April – 11 May.
  • Reg’Art Actual group exhibition in Jan Garemijnzaal, Belfort Bruges, 1 June – 5 June
  • *  Open door weekend Champagne capsule “Artefact – part 4”, in the “Art A Fact” series, October 2016.
  • “Innocence” concert by the Bruges Chamber Orchestra, in collaboration with Erik Desimpelaere, composer of the piece “Eleftheria”, inspired by my painting (May 2015 in Miryzaal Gent, Bruges Concert Building, CC Zwaneberg Heist-Op-Den-Berg and AMUZ Antwerp).
  • Exhibition entitled “The Little Artist” with art circle Art-X in Tienen, CC “The Crossbow”, 7 May – 17 May.
  • Logo Design for the allergies team pamphlet at AZ Sint-Jan Bruges.
  • Champagne Capsule “Artefact – Part 3” open day in the “Art A Fact” series, Singel 11, Bruges (October 2015).
  • Exhibition of “Peeking into the shoe closet of….”, National Shoe Museum in Izegem, 8 April – 14 September. Design “The Season-shoe” by Sensiboot exhibited.
  • Design and implementation of the theatrical props (hats) for acrobatic gymnastics by Strong & Flexible Drongen, on the occasion of the Gymnastics Gala (26 April, 2014).
  • Group Exhibition entitled, “The Great War” at the “The Crossbow” Recreational Centre in
  • Tienen, as well as The Brothers Alexianen Psychiatric Clinic in Tienen.
  • Open door weekend Champagne Capsules “Artefact – Part 2”, in the series “Art A Fact”, 25-26 October 2014.
  • Set paintings for Arte Del Sueno, “Beauty and the Beast”, Harelbeke (December 2014 – January 2015).
  • Exhibition at AZ Sint-Jan in Bruges on 25 January 2013 with the work entitled “Replica” for the “Young Dementia” symposium.
  • Arts and crafts market on Sunday 8 September 2013, from 12 noon to 6pm in Vissenaken (Tienen).
  • Open door weekend Champagne Capsules “Artefact – Part 1”, in the series “Art A Fact”, 12-13 October 2013, Singel 11, 8200 St-Andries Bruges, in collaboration with the Christophe Champagne House in Colombé-Le-Sec, France.
  • Participation in Art Ghent 2013, International Art Fair, Flanders Expo, 29/11/2013 – 03/12/2013, Art Glass Gallery and Oprandi Arte Contemporanea
  • Painted part of the set for the exhibition entitled, “The Secret of House S”, by theatre company Arte Del Sueño in Harelbeke.
  • Honourable Mention in Kunstbende, 13th edition, for the work entitled “Mythica Draconica” in the preliminary round in Oostende.
  • Participation in Stimulans 12, in Kortrijk with the work entitled, “Never Grey”.
  • Project ‘World Dementia Day, 15 September in Bruges, participated with the work entitled, “Replica”.
  • Xpo Art poster design for ‘Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival Bruges’, part of a touring exhibition through Flanders.
  • Participation in Art Ghent 2012, at Glass Art Gallery – Oprandi Arte Contemporanea 
  • Exhibition with the work entitled, Replica, at the Sint-Rembert hospital in Torhout for Dementia Week, an initiative of Studio Brussels.
  • Participation in Lineart in Ghent at New Glass Art Gallery with the work entitled “Dragon metamorphosis”.
  • Laureate with the highest distinction for the lower level of DKO Art Education in Bruges.